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Aged Hiker Ends Long Walk From Southland

Cresson, Jan. 14. — Despite his advanced age and the inclement weather he encountered during his six weeks traveling on the highway. James L. Stumpf, former constable in Sankertown borough, returned home on foot yesterday afternoon after walking from Marion. S. C., a distance of 582 miles. Mr. Stumpf, a well known old-time fiddler and mouth organist, earned his livelihood while hitch-hiking northward by participating in the musical programs at the various places of amusement. In additmn he visited various fraternal organizatione and entertained the members with pleasing numbers on his musical instruments and besides being given a night's lodging, also received a silver offering.

Averaging fourteen miles per day on foot, Mr. Stumpf says he declined all invitations to ride. The weather was moderate when he departed from South Carolina, the first week in December. In his 64th year, Mr. Stumpf is a son of Samuel and Amelia (Pearce) Stumpf and was born in Indiana county. He resides at 116 Pennsylvania avenue, Sankertown.

2016 Volunteer of the Year Award

The success of the Fiddle Fest is owed to all the volunteers who helped to make it possible. The Late Suzie Reed realized the importance of how much the festival meant to the community the year that the festival was no longer and people still came out to play and enjoy music.

Reed reconnected with volunteers and brought back the music to Lyons Park. In honor of Suzie Reed’s most precious gift of time, each year the Fiddle Fest committee presents a volunteer of the year award. This year’s award went to Keith Weidner.

Weidner, a lifetime resident of Lyons, gave much of his time through the years to the Lyons Fiddle Festival. He published the newspaper, The Lyons Roar, for many years. Weidner continues to photograph all the community events including Santa Claus, Easter Rabbit, and Halloween Parade, which are all made possible with proceeds from the Lyons Fiddle Festival. He also manages the Lyons Park and Recreation Board website and has been the driving force behind the Race Fest in town as well as the Lyons Fiddle Festival. Weidner worked behind the stage photographing and recording the sounds of the Fiddle Fest for years and was responsible for connecting the Fiddle Fest with Dave Kline and Uncle Jeffrey for which the committee is ever grateful.

Weidner said he really appreciated it and wished everyone all the luck.

The date is set for the 2016 Lyons Fiddle Festival. Sunday, Sept 18th. Mark your calendar!!!

2015 Volunteer of the Year Award

One of the traditions at the Lyons Fiddle Festival is the presentation of the Suzanne Reed Memorial Award to volunteer(s) of the year. This year’s award was given to two members of the community who epitomize volunteerism and who happen to be husband and wife. In Lyons, you couldn’t mention one without flowing into the other one; they are inseparable. Over the years of the festival, Darlene and Mace Arndt made sure the festival had electric, organized the souvenirs and volunteers for pre-event set up and fixing things at the park. They are the go-to couple behind the team.

Congratulations and a huge heart-felt thank you to Darlene and Mace Arndt!

“I just want to say thank you. We have to tell you that Suzie really was an inspiration to all of us,” said Darlene Arndt.

The Lyons Fiddle Festival would not be what it is today without the help of volunteers. Volunteers help to set up the day before the festival. They are there first thing in the morning and straight through to the tearing down the day after the festival. Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, high school students, Kutztown University students, family and friends from the Lyons Borough and surrounding communities just to name a few are the heroes of the festival. Thank you from the Lyons Fiddle Festival committee!

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