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About Us

The Lyons Fiddle Festival is a non-profit organization run totally with the help of volunteers. Profits from the Festival benefit community activities and help to maintain the park for children.

Some of the accomplishments include a Veteran’s Memorial Monument, the park’s stream was dredged and a stone bridge was built over it. A permanent restroom facility was built along with a memorial to victims of a tornado that had swept through the borough. The park pavilion was improved, equipment for the playground was obtained, and the monies raised helped pay for general maintenance of the park. The Lyons Park does not receive funding from the state or county.

What makes the Lyons Fiddle Festival so important?
A Letter From Erin Dallago, co-chairperson

“I wanted to let you know how much the Fiddle Festival had meant to one person I drove in the golf cart.

Sandy and I passed this woman who was sitting outside the park in a wheelchair with an oxygen tank. She was waiting for her husband who was parking their car. Eventually she wasn’t there any more; she probably waited 30 minutes for her husband. It wasn’t until the end of the day that I saw her again at which point I gave her and her husband a ride back to their car.

As she sat next to me I asked her if she enjoyed the festival and she said oh yes and that they have been coming since the beginning and would bring their kids. She went on to say she was in hospice care and woke up on Sunday and decided she wanted to come one more time. As she was telling her story, her husband was very quiet. I realized later he was crying.

When I got them to their car and said good bye, I realized that was her last time attending this festival and that she had so enjoyed herself for so many years that she wasn’t going to miss it for the world. This put everything in prospective of how this festival had meant so much to many people.”