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The 35th Annual Lyons Fiddle Festival 2018 will be held at the Lyons Community Park, 15 Park Avenue, Lyons, Pennsylvania, Sunday, September 16th, from 9:00 A.M. to 5:30 P.M.


Admission is a $5.00 donation. Free admission for children under the age of 12. Donations for parking are greatly appreciated. Donations for parking benefit the Kutztown Hobos: Helping Others Before Ourselves and the Lyons Fire Company truck crew.

Quotes From The 2017 Lyons Fiddle Festival

“The Fiddle Festival gives the boys a chance to see the culture in the area. They get to enjoy the different types of music and they actually get a chance to go around about with the people of the community while helping out.”
- Art Kayhart, Scoutmaster, New Jerusalem Troop 585

“It’s very lively, usually the fast tunes, and the slow tunes are very sweet and charming.”
- Keith Brintzenhoff, MC

“I accept this [Suzie Reed volunteer award] for Suzie Reed, the greatest volunteer of all. Suzie, we did it again this year; love you Suzie.”
- Georgianne Haring

“I won the quilt! I won the quilt! I love the Lyon's Fiddle Fest. Every year it reminds me of family gatherings back in Oklahoma, awesome food, great vendors to shop, and always a fun day with a dear friend...but this time, I won the quilt raffle and brought home this beautiful, handmade, queen-sized lovely! Can you believe it?? I am so thrilled and will treasure it always!!”
- Marti Morgan Muhe

“We have, already, got one lined up [2018 Lyons Fiddle Festival]. She’s our two-time Grand Champion and right now she resides in Canada so she’s gong to bring some Canadian influence.”
- Larry Ross, Stage Manager

Quotes From The 2016 Lyons Fiddle Festival

“We came for the music and the people. It’s God’s country up here.”
- Jane Lichtenwalner, Emmaus

“If I’m looking at a sheet of classical music, I have to play it as it is written verses a bluegrass or Celtic piece I can look at the music and play it however I want.”
- Margaret Young, 15, Topton

“The rain is over! I will repeat, the rain is over! We have a variety of groups from a variety of places and individual performers between the different age groups for the fiddle contests.”
- Keith Brintzenhoff, MC

“My wife and I traveled The Crooked Road and one of the stops is the Barr’s Fiddle Shop. I touched base with the people who were in there and then I got ahold of Stevie Barr and he agreed to come up,”
- Larry Ross, Stage Manager

“We love meeting the people here because everybody is so nice to us and it’s a community event.”
- Ashlee Ludwig, 16

Comments About The 2015 Festival

These excerpts are from an article in the Kutztown Area Patriot
September 24th, 2015

“Number one, the Lyons Fiddle Festival is a tradition that was started and we always want to keep tradition going. Number two, which is really important, is that the work that we do in our communities we couldn’t do unless we would tax the people that live there. Many of our people that live in our communities are older and add tax base to them is just not something we want to do.”
– Erin Dallago, co-chairperson.

“It’s so important because it promotes continuation of Fiddling and it involves young people in this so the heritage gets passed on generation to generation.”
– Keith Brintzenhoff, MC, educator, and entertainer.

“It’s a wonderful experience for community for togetherness. It’s for uniting people of all sizes, shapes, and income and it’s just a marvelous opportunity for family.”
– Julie Longacre, daughter of Shorty Long and the Jersey Horns.

“You don’t hear this on the radio; you don’t see this in stage shows anywhere. It’s only in places like this. We all get together and have a good time.”
– Larry Loyko, re-enactor.

“This one here is great especially for the musicians. It brings a lot of musician out that don’t normally play so it’s a great festival.”
– Alan Spatz, caterer.

“The Festival is a place where friends could get together and perform.”
– Rosa Clemans-cope, age 7.

“The music helps bring everyone together so when I play I try to make everyone happier.”
– Eleanor Clemans-cope, age 11.